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About Us

Our Mission

Shopping consciously can be a challenge. The sustainable market is growing substantially these days, but the choices are still limited. This inspired us to start our brand, to give the customer more choices when it comes to fun but conscious fashion. 

We have certain values we try to stick to with every release. And we will continue to improve and add more in order to reduce our ecological footprint. Transparency is one of them and we try to be that to you, our customer. For more information about these values check out the responsibility tab.

About Us

BRII Studio is a Dutch brand established in 2021. It was started by designer Birgit Winters after she graduated her studies in Denmark, where she studied Fashion Design. 


Since the beginning of her studies there, sustainability within the fashion industry was a very important subject. Her interest in this subject grew fast and after a while changes where being made in both her personal life and her life as a designer. This eventually grew into ‘not wanting to be a part of the toxic fast fashion industry’. When she realised that, she oriented her work and studies on learning about conscious fashion. 

Birgit’s passion for fashion design started with making clothing herself at a very young age and this is still one of her favourite things to do. That in combination with the years she spend patternmaking at her studies, made her decide to sew every piece of BRII Studio herself so she can put all the love in it she feels for this craft. 

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